Injury Diagnosis and Management

Injury Diagnosis and Management

“We offer thorough diagnosis and non-surgical management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Where necessary, we will help coordinate radiology referrals to help develop an injury management plan”

At Joondalup Sports Medicine we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive medical service which includes a thorough clinical examination, accurate diagnosis and evidence based treatments.

We specialise in the management of a variety of sports and musculoskeletal injuries including:

  • Acute Injuries Acute Injuries
  • Chronic Injuries Chronic Injuries
  • Repetitive/overuse injuries Repetitive/overuse injuries
  • Spinal pain Spinal pain
  • Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinopathy Tendinopathy
  • Pediatric Injuries  Pediatric Injuries

At Joondalup Sports Medicine we implement a three step approach to the management of musculoskeletal injuries

1. Accurate diagnosis

When attending your initial appointment at Joondalup Sports Medicine, you will be given a longer appointment time where you will be assessed by a Sports Doctor who will perform a thorough clinical examination. Additionally you may require some radiological imaging such as X-ray or ultrasound and a referral can be arranged during your appointment. It is our belief that an early accurate diagnosis is essential to optimising your care.

2. Early management

Early management of an injury may take different forms depending on the type of injury you have. Acute injuries often need a short period of rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE) to help resolve inflammation. They may also need splinting, plaster cast, crutches or moon-boots to assist with pain relief. More chronic injuries may need a different approach including activity modification and gradual re-exposure.

Regardless of your injury type, we believe it is essential that you have a sound understanding of how your body works, so education forms a big part of our early management plan.

3. Rehabilitation

All injuries will benefit from some form of exercise and the early integration of rehabilitation into your management will help ensure a successful and sustained return to physical health. Rehabilitation exercises can be done at home as well as in the gym and be prescribed in a way that integrates seamlessly into your busy life.

No referral is required to make an appointment at Joondalup Sports Medicine. You can book online or alternatively call our friendly reception team who will be happy to make an appointment for you.