Welcome to Joondalup Sports Medicine.

Welcome to Joondalup Sports Medicine.

Hi, I’m Chris, the owner of Joondalup Sports Medicine, your new sports medicine hub located in the northern suburbs. In this inaugural blog I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and provide some information on the service we will provide to our community.

I was born and raised in sunny Perth. From the moment I could walk I was holding a cricket bat and I have been passionate about sports ever since. I love learning. During my school years, and to this day, my nose was never far from a book. During my high school years I played cricket, AFL, golf and the bagpipes!

I come from a family of health professionals, which sparked an interest in medicine from an early age. When I finished high school my first pursuit was to study physiotherapy and a masters in manual therapy. I worked as a physiotherapist for many years until the call of cricket rang loud. In my early 20’s I took off on a working holiday to the U.K. where I was lucky enough to play semi-professional cricket. I did this for several seasons where I gained valuable life and sporting experience.

Upon returning to Perth my interest in medicine took hold and I completed my medical degree in Fremantle and subsequent specialist training in general practice in 2021.
My desire was always to work with a sports team and I have been lucky enough to be involved with sporting teams including the Western Force and West Perth Football Club. I am on the field, doing what I love, putting my practice and medical expertise into good use.

The demands on athletes to be at their top peak performance has never been more than it is today. I am in touch with the demands of the current athletic climate and am in tune with the needs and pressures of todays athletes and weekend warriors.

The marriage of my two passions, sports and medicine, was inevitable and so JSM was born!

I have worked in the Joondalup community for over 20 years, first as a physio and then as a GP. I love being part of this community and I’m excited to work with fellow doctors and allied health professionals to provide a comprehensive service.

Working at JSM enables me to put my experience and passion into practice; Helping people recover from injury and return to sport and daily life with optimum support. Right now I am doing the work that is most important to me, but from the sidelines. I do, however, still like to play a regular game of golf much to the despair of my family and, on bad golf days, myself!

If you have an acute injury or are recuperating from a more chronic exercise related ailment please make an appointment, I would love to meet you.


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Date: October 2, 2023